What's Poppin'?

My name is WereWING! I'm the founder of Cyber Soup, the guy who plays games, and the dude that writes scripts.

I often ponder to myself, where would I be without cauliflower. Chances are that I would be a much different man than I am today. Hell, without that delicious tiny white tree, Cyber Soup would have never come to be.

You can only regret so much of life before you start to realize that life isn't made for you. It's made in spite of you. In fact, if you look at the world around you, I bet you can notice one big standout. Something that seems rather unnatural. It's the lack of soup within constant eyesight. You don't see streams of chicken noodle rushing towards the gutters. You don't see beef minestrone raining from the heavens. And you certainly don't see Italians having weddings.

That's why we're here to change that. We're here to change the way you see the world. Soon, everything will be soupy and beautiful, as it was truly meant to be.